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  • I have been attending Nickys classes for a number of years now. The classes are high energy with a mixture of cardio and weights and each class is always different, keeping an element of surprise. Nicky is a great motivator and always challenges me to push my boundaries to new heights, which has helped me become fitter and stronger. She makes it fun and enjoyable to train and is always full of's obvious she loves her job!!

  • 4 months ago, I was afraid of the gym, I could not touch my toes, not even close and felt generally tired most of the time. In addition to increased flexibility, I can now lift light weights, I enjoy pad work, I am familiar with all of the equipment in the gym, and most importantly for me, I have more energy. Rikki has the ability to lift my mood and reduce stress levels from my busy day job. He has shown me how to appreciate and get the most out of my time at the gym and the aspiration to learn & do more.

  • Nicky G teaches every different type of class from HIIT, thru step and other cardio classes, weights classes and yoga and stretching classes and she is the best I've come across for ALL of them. She gives every person the attention they need and adjusts her pitch to suit everyone in the class. You never come away with anything left in the tank, she works you to the max no matter what class she's teaching. My hubby has been going to Nicky G's classes for about 13yrs and he started off with a wee 'basketball' tummy and stick arms and now at 68 he looks amazing. His shoulders, arms and abs are in great shape thanks to her classes cos he doesn't do any other weights except in her classes.


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